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Emitter / Dripper testing set-up


  • SCADA based Automated Emitter / Dripper testing facility involves the measurement of pressure drop across filter and absolute pressure at the inlet of the testing rig, temperature of water and volumetric measurement of water besides the measurements of water quality parameters like pH and Electrical Conductivity.
  • The SCADA system has SCADA screens automated layout of the entire testing system and all measuring parameters are displayed in computers in the respective screens.
  • Testing setup consists of water storage tank, mono block pump set, disc type filter and a testing rig with LDPE / LLDPE pipe of size 12 to 16 mm fixed with Emitters placed at around 25 cm apart. Filter is used to isolate the foreign material from water pump to the Emitters. The Absolute Pressure is the pressure across the circular pipe containing the Emitters to be tested and it is automatically maintained by pump regulating driver and displayed in the SCADA screen.
  • SCADA is used for graphical representation of all the parameters, i.e. pressure, discharge rate, conductivity, pH, temperature etc. The SCADA system has features for historical and real-time graphs, alarming, data logging etc. It also has the feature of graphical presentation of the data for each testing event, details of which are given below:
    • The Emitter / Drippers used in Drip irrigation system are tested and the discharge volumes are measured at rated pressure maintained at the inlet of testing stand. The discharge rates are displayed in the respective SCADA screens. The Co-efficient of Manufacturers Variations (CVm) is calculated as per the entered formulae and the CVm values are displayed in CVm screen.
    • The Emitter / Drippers used in Drip Irrigation system are tested and the discharge volumes are measured at different pressures maintained at the inlet as well as outlet of testing rig. The Pressure vs Discharge graphs for the individual Drippers are displayed digitally in the form of bar graphs and as trends. The specified constant pressures are maintained by entering the data in the testing screens, specially designed for the purpose.

The testing conforms to the standard laid down by Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS), Government of India.

Pump Testing set-up


SCADA based Automated Pump Testing Setup consist of operation of pump under different opening of delivery and suction line and display of all the measuring parameters such as suction pressure, delivery pressure, flow rate, energy, rpm, current, voltage, power factor etc. in the respective SCADA screens, specially designed for the purpose. At each set of pressure and discharge condition, parameters such as energy input, suction, delivery head and discharge are measured.

This pump testing setup is fully automated for testing various Centrifugal pumps of nominal pipe sizes of suction and delivery as per standard laid down by Bureau of Indian Standard, Government of India.

The system has been designed with suitable sensor, transducers, transmitters, PLCs in such a way that all measuring parameters are displayed on computer monitor using SCADA package and digitally on separate display panels at the same time. The system has the provision to transfer the data to MS Excel in both tabular and graphical forms by clicking of a button on the SCADA Screen. As soon as data is transmitted to MS Excel, it automatically generates various graphs and trends as per the specified and pre-designed formats. The system has the facility to print reports and graphs of the entire testing events.