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Energy Management System

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In any industry or a major building power back up is most critical. To avoid major equipment/system failure Generation Units are provided parallel to grid as power back up. An in some cases the critical loads are connected to the Gensets. To avoid the power failure or unwanted tripping of the Gensets the Energy Management System is envisaged.

The Energy Management Systems Computronics offers the features like:

  • The Continuous monitoring of the Grid Supply and the Healthiness of the Gen sets, Load Condition, Lighting and Utility Supply.
  • The Load Management System provides continuous power supply to the critical & top priority out going feeders and also loads shedding. In case of one of the DGs failed immediate shedding of non-priority Out Going feeders to avoid overloading and thereby tripping the working Gen sets. The same way once the grid power resumed, monitor for a predefined time and switching over the load to the grid power supply.
  • Additional controls can be added to the system for pumping of water based on requirements. General Lighting control time based etc.
  • Generation of MIS reports consisting of Power generated, Consumption area wise, fuel consumption, availability of fuel, cost, running hours of Gen sets, Status of Auxiliaries etc on Daily/weekly and monthly basis.