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Integration of Third Party Devices

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Development, Implementation & support for PLC/PC based custom communication drivers for cross-platform connectivity between communicable devices/ software of different makes on various standard/ non-standard protocols like

  • AB SLC/PLC to Siemens PLC on Modbus, 3964, 3964R and ASCII protocol.
  • PC/RSView32/Third-Party SCADA to Siemens PLC on above protocols.
  • AB SLC/PLC to ABB/Siemens communicable Protection Relays and GE-Harris FEP on SPA, IEC-103, DNP and IEC-101 protocols.
  • PC/RSView32/ Third-Party SCADA to ABB/Siemens Protection Relays and GE-Harris FEP on above protocols
  • AB SLC/PLC, PC/ Rsview32/ Third-Party SCADA to Different Make Weighing Scales, Temperature Scanners and other communicable process devices on various standard/no-standard serial and network communication protocols.
  • AB SLC/PLC, 8051 series Micro controllers and PC Based communication Gateways or Protocol converters to enable communication between devices/ SCADA systems communicating on different protocols like Modbus/ 3964/ SPA/ DNP/ IEC-103/IEC-101 to DF1, SPA to IEC-103/ DF1/ Modbus/ IEC-101, DNP to Modbus/ IEC-103/ IEC-101 etc.

Communication Servers for serial to Ethernet connectivity of various devices.